Advantages of a SME

Working in a SME can be a tricky business. It’s easy for people entering the jobs market to shy away from small businesses for fear of lack of training, worrying about their ability to thrive in such an environment and of course, the overall payoff in the long run. Whilst big business may offer you a fuller wallet – there are numerous advantages for employees wanting to join or run an SME. Don’t allow simple numbers to put you off – with small businesses being responsible for over half of Ireland’s value-added growth last year, there isn’t a better time to get started in the SME world.

Less is more

If leadership is your forté – you’ll gain a lot of experience managing an SME. Small businesses can give future managerial moguls a chance to test their leadership skills on a smaller scale. They can act as a great stepping stone to a large scaled operation and can even offer opportunity for leaders in the company to bring their SME into big business territory. Not only this – but small businesses are most commonly owned by only one person or a few partners, resulting in less trickled down ideas from the top to the bottom. Essentially, no matter where placed in the business – all ideas, issues and opinions on the direction of the business can be adequately listened to and addressed in turn destroying a negative hierarchy found in many large corporations.

Vying for value

When working in larger corporations there is a sense that innovation and versatility can flat-line. This can be due to routines and implementations in place to continue processes that will ensure a corporation’s success. Unfortunately, this can leave workers somewhat sticking to the remits of the company rather than developing brand new ideas. It’s here that SMEs flourish. The only way for SMEs to reach the big time is through constant innovative ideas and projects. It’s essentially what differentiates one SME from another. Therefore, the opportunity for growth is at a tenfold in SMEs.

Culture climate

Corporate culture in SMEs will always be a step above the big corporations. It’s one of the main attractions when joining a SME. Larger companies struggle to create the authenticity of a family-like atmosphere in the workplace that SMEs can do effortlessly. This is simply down to the fact that there are much more people there, so it’s less likely that Joe in Marketing will know Jane in Supply Chain Management.

Readjusting routine

SMEs have the unique ability to offer a personal touch to their clients. Although many larger organisations still attempt to offer customers a degree of personalisation – quite often there is simply too many customers to sift through to be able to carefully deliver personalised experiences each and every time. This is where employees in SMEs get to craft their approach to clients and customers – allowing for more satisfactory work. Clients tend to favour longer routes to get a job done if they feel like their exact needs are being catered for. In the end, this results in an overall win-win situation for the business, employees, and clients.